Korshamn is a fishing village with long traditions. The area surrounding the island is the richest in fish along the South coast of Norway, which makes the likelihood of catching a big fish great.

Whether you prefer fishing from land with light equipment or you want to go out by boat for some real ocean fishing, you are never far away from a nice catch be it cod, ling, coalfish or mackerel.


Korshamn Rorbuer offers boat hire and filling of air bottles to experienced scuba divers interested in exploring the waters around Korshamn.

Scuba diving in Korshamn is something out of the ordinary even for the experienced diver. When the sea turns hostile you will still be able to find tranquil coves for great diving. The nature offers a vide range of diving experiences including cliff diving, wreck diving, beach diving and cave diving.Perhaps the most interesting aspect of scuba diving in Korshamn is that large areas are completely undiscovered..

There are a lot of old shipwrecks scattered along the coast between Cape Lindesnes, Korshamn and Lista. Due to the rough weather in the area you are unlikely to find ships in one piece. But heavy things such as canons, anchors and propellers are still to be found if you search. The sea still hides a lot of secrets just waiting to be discovered. There are few market wrecks around Korshamn, which makes the dives all the more interesting for the curious diver. The sea still hides a lot of secret just waiting to be discovered.

Filling up your air bottles is easy as we have a compressors available. Available for hire are also boats, 16,5 feet, 15 hk and 18 feet, 30 hk.